About Us

We provide our patients with pre-operative consultation, surgical solutions using modern uniportal endoscopic technique and post-operative check-ups.

Our vision

I have operated on hundreds of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome using the conventional  technique, and they were relieved and actually satisfied. However, I was still not pleased with  our recommendation of a lengthy rest of the operated hand and long recovery period.  I am very grateful that we are now able to offer our patients a modern, minimally invasive  solution that makes the unpopular lengthy recovery time significantly shorter. And that’s why  NEUROENDO is coming with its endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery!

Our team

MUDr. Oldřich Šoula

Experienced neurosurgeon working since 2005 at the Department of Neurosurgery, Na  Homolce Hospital in Prague. During his professional career he has attended a number of domestic and foreign training courses and several internships at prestigious clinics in Europe and overseas (Germany, Holland, Japan and repeatedly the USA). Professionally, he is intensively involved in brain-related problems; at the Na Homolka Hospital he leads a team specialising in endoscopic endonasal and intraventricular surgery of brain diseases, but he is also very active in microsurgery of brain tumours and vascular diseases as well as in surgical treatment of spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases.

Bc. Petra Váchová

A dedicated operating room nurse of outstanding professional and human qualities.