After devastating my hands through physical work on fittings, I underwent carpal tunnel surgery by a new method. In three days I could move my hand and within a week I was completely recovered.

Zdeněk T.

“In February 2022, I underwent endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery on my right arm at  Neuroendo under the care of Dr. Šoula. The procedure went smoothly, all the pre- and  post-operative preparation took about an hour. I felt no pain during the operation, the doctor and other members of the operating team were kind and helpful. I felt comfortable as a patient, I was fully advised of what the procedure entailed and the doctor kept me well informed, which contributed to my peace of mind and confidence in the success of the operation. The pain and tingling in my arm, which had woken me up several times a  night for many months prior to the operation, disappeared immediately after the operation,  the mild pain in the first 24 hours after the operation was well managed with Paralen.  From the second day after surgery I started to exercise my hand. After about a week I was able to do simple household chores and type on a PC. Two weeks after the surgery I  started driving a car and about a month after the surgery I have no movement limitations  in my hand and no scar on my wrist. I have yet to have surgery on my left hand, which is also at Neuroendo. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend endoscopic carpal  tunnel surgery with Dr. Šoula.”

Eva N.

After the EMG examination with the results: left hand – severe carpal tunnel syndrome,  right hand – moderate, I decided to undergo endoscopic surgery, even though it is not covered by insurance, and I have no regrets at all. The operation took place in the Medical  House in Prague 7. All the pre-operation preparation was calm and the operation itself was without any problems. Before leaving I was given written advice on how to proceed in the following days. When the wound came to, one painkiller and another the next day was enough, then none at all. After nine days my stitches were removed. Since the first night after the operation I have not woken up because of pain and tingling, I can move my fingers normally. Dr. Šoula is very friendly and most importantly a specialist. The whole team deserves high praise. I can only recommend the endoscopic surgery because it is quick to heal and with a short recovery time.

Hana F.
důchodkyně / pensioner

This year (2022) in April I underwent carpal tunnel surgery at the Medical House in  Holešovice. I was operated by Dr. Šoula and his team. I would like to thank him and everyone for everything. Professionalism, helpfulness, great approach to the patient, all was explained. This method is perfect, with no scars, (one small in the wrist) and if you follow the post-op instructions, you will be up and running very quickly! I had surgery on my right hand, my left hand improved greatly after surgery on my other hand. If I need surgery on the left one in the future, I will contact Dr. Šoula again. You need healthy hands and safety is a priority.

Irena P.
Praha 5

Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery helped me a lot. The healing time is half as long and the pain after the operation was at most one-third of the pain compared to the conventional surgery I had years ago on my other arm. After the conventional surgery I had trouble moving my fingers for a month and a half and after the endoscopic type I could move my fingers perfectly within a few days after the surgery.

Ludmila L.
uklízečka / cleaner